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EW jututti yhtä sarjan pomoista, Caroline Driesiä, viimeisimmästä hyvin Damon-keskeisestä jaksosta. Dries kertoi hieman jakson taustoista ja siitä miksi kyseinen jakso päätettiin toteuttaa. Tässä pieni pätkä artikkelista, suuntaa EW:n sivulle lukeaksesi loput.

As to why the writers chose Damon to go through this experience, Dries says, “With him what’s interesting is you saw where he had the opportunity to tell his mom that he forgives her, [and] he tells her, ‘You made your bed, have a nice nap.’ So that is the character that you want to see realize that he’s messed up a few times in life. A character like Damon is so resistant to change but that’s what makes him interesting to watch, as opposed to a character like Caroline or Bonnie or these sort of heroes of the story. They’re much more in tune with their feelings and they regret things more obviously.”

Stuck inside his own “custom-made hell,” as Dries put it, Damon will be confronted with experiences and people from his both his distant and his recent past. After all, as longtime fans will remember, Damon was still human when he served in the Civil War, so we can expect to see a bit more of who he was before Katherine Pierce entered his life. And yet, at the same time, he’s also the Damon who just basically spat in this mother’s face. So naturally, those unresolved issues will continue to haunt him. As Dries says, “Hell is trying to convince him to change.”

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